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  • SIGMA blesk EF-630 EO-ETTL2, pro fotoaparáty CANON

SIGMA blesk EF-630 EO-ETTL2, pro fotoaparáty CANON

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The SIGMA ELECTRONIC FLASH EF-630 is a multifunctional clip-on type flash, which offers a greater output of light and is designed to work with current digital cameras. Among the diverse features loaded on this flash is TTL exposure control as standard as well as high-speed sync, rear-curtain sync and wireless flash functions. Meanwhile, the Autozoom function, bounce-flash function and Catch-light Panel of the EF-630 are perfect for various kinds of photography. The rear LCD offers an intuitive user interface for fast and easy operation.

Key features

Guide Number
Guide Number 63 * (200/fit) ISO100/m (with the zoom head at 200mm)

Equipped with new TTL Auto Flash Exposure systems
The EF-630 is designed to work with the latest TTL auto exposure systems of most well-known manufacturers' digital SLR cameras, allowing auto TTL exposure control for bounce photography in conjunction with a diffuser or reflector.

Intuitive user interface for ease of use
The new dot matrix liquid crystal display ensures improved visibility of menu functions. Moreover, the D-Pad and dial on the side of the flashgun make changing settings easier than ever. An intuitive user interface enhances the compatibility between the EF-630 flash and the SIGMA sd Quattro series. The flash is designed to disengage easily by one-click on the shoe lock lever. In addition, a flash sync terminal and a notification sound when the flashgun is fully charged improve the ease of use.

Bounce-flash function with movable flash head
The flash head of the EF-630 can be tilted up by as much as 90° and swivel both left and right by 180°. Bounce photography, where light is reflected off a white wall, ceiling or a reflector increases the range of photographic expression. The flash head can also be tilted down by 7° for close-up shots.

TTL Wireless Flash Function
The TTL wireless flash function will adjust the desired flash exposure automatically even if the EF-630 is disengaged from the camera. Remote control operation is possible between the camera and flash. When multiple flash units are used, the camera calculates the correct exposure automatically.

Modeling Flash function to check for shadows
The EF-630 also offers a modeling flash function, enabling the user to check for intense reflections and shadows before taking a photograph.

Rear-curtain Sync flash function for natural representation of motion.
When photographing a moving subject, the Rear-curtain Sync mode allows the flash to be triggered immediately before the rear-curtain of the shutter closes. Unlike Front-curtain Sync, this mode records blurred trails behind a moving subject rather than in front for a more natural expression of motion.

Wide-Angle Illumination Coverage
SIGMA has further extended the flash illumination angle of coverage to be compatible with lens of 24mm to 200mm focal length. When the built-in Wide Panel is utilized, the flash covers an angle of up to that of a 17mm lens.

Catch Light Panel
This flash is equipped with a built-in catch light panel, which can highlight the eyes of the subject when the bounce flash mode is activated.

Slave Flash Function
Slave Flash allows the flash to be fired away from the camera by the master unit. The Designated Slave function allows the photographer to use two or more EF-630 flash units simultaneously. It is possible to designate flashguns by using different channel settings. Since the EF-630 is equipped with this function, it can be used with all camera models. In the Normal Slave mode, it is also possible to use the camera's built-in flash or another flash unit as the Master (Flash Exposure must be adjusted manually).

FP Flash function for high shutter speeds
Flash synchronization speed is usually limited to coincide with the full shutter opening of focal plane shutters, limiting the use of high shutter speeds with flash. The FP flash function makes flash photography possible at shutter speeds greater than the normal synchr

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